Descubre las canciones que sonaron en #MiCasaHumoristas

‘Mi casa es la tuya’ ha empezado el año con un programa muy especial en el que algunos de los mejores cómicos del país han visitado la finca sevillana de Bertín para pasar un fin de semana. Allí, entre recuerdos y risas, los espectadores de ‘Mi casa es la tuya’ pudieron disfrutar de una cuidada selección musical. Aquí te dejamos los temas que sonaron en el primer programa del año:

(Prólogo) Sam Cooke – Wonderful world
(Prólogo) Sam Cooke – Bring it on home to me
Chistophe Beck – Coronation day (BSO Frozen)
Henry Jackman – A stroll with buddy (BSO Elf)
Thomas Newman – Deviled Eggs (BSO The Help)
John Bedney – Women (BSO Ice Age Collision)
John Bedney – Family Bonding (BSO Ice Age Collision)
Henry Jackman – Buddy’s theme (BSO Elf)
John Bedney – Weddin preparations
The Cranberries – Dreams
Thomas Newman – Kelpcake (BSO Finding Dory)
The Beef Seeds – Get lucky
Thomas Newman – Leisurely stroll (BSO Saving Mr. Banks)
Thomas Newman – July 12 (BSO He named me Malala)
Thomas Newman – Picture window (BSO Revolutionary Road)
Thomas Newman – Show polish (BSO Cinderella man)
Jess Moskaluke – How to save a life
The Weepies – Sunflowers
(Cabecera) Shake Shake Go – England Skies
The Well Penies – Nothing to do
John Bedney – Peaches and Julian
Michael Giacchino – This is me (BSO Ratatouille)                                                            
Thomas Newman – Who really I am (BSO He named me Malala)                                                           
James Horner – Rooftop Kiss (BSO The Amazing Spider-Man)                                                  
Madilyn Bailey – Summertime sadness                                               
Rachel Protman -Tree of wrongs                                                           
Mike Vass – Quit voices                                                              
El puchero del hortelano – La quiero a morir                                                     
Alba Llibre Rius – Stayin Alive                                                   
Laura Veirs – Carol Kayne                                                           
Christina Perri – A thousands years                                                       
Laura Veirs – Song my friends laugh me                                                              
Donna Summers – On the radio                                                              
James Horner – A new world (BSO Jumanji)                                                     
Boyce Avenue – Fast car                                                            
Jorge Drexler – High and dry                                                     
Henry Jackman – Main title (BSO The Elf)                                            
Frente – Bizarre love triangle                                                   
Amor de días – Jean’s Waving                                                  
The Weepies – Happines                                                           
Shake Shake Go – Doors to heaven                                                      
The Kinks – Get back in line                                                       
Fernando Velázquez – The Impossible (End titles) (BSO The Impossible)                                                           
Glen Hansard y Marketa Irglova – Falling slowly                                                              
Jóhann Jóhannsson – A model of the universe (BSO The theory of  everything)                                             
Robbie Williams – Something’ Stupid                                                   
Meaghan Smith – Here comes your man                                                            
Carpenters – Close to you                                                         
David Lanz – Gli uccelli di Capri (BSO The Birds of Capri)                                               
Rachel Protman – U.S. Olympic vote (BSO Race)                                                             
Evan Dando – Looking for space                                                             
Thomas Newman – Celtic Soul                                                 
Thomas Newman – Westerly Wheater (BSO Saving Mr. Banks)                                               
Boyce Avenue – Wonderwall                                                   
Alba Llibre Rius – You’re one that I want                                                             
WME – Can’t get you out of my head                                                   
(Epílogo) Laura Durand – Childhood memories