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Captain in América is a fun and exciting road trip by the Sánchez Saborido family. After more than 20 years fully dedicated to professional soccer; once retired, Joaquín Sánchez wants to make up far all the time he couldn’t spend with his family. To do this, he has organized a surprise trip far his wife and two daughters along the West Coast of the United States. What the family does not expect is that Joaquín has decided to make most of the trip in a camper van and they will have to share less than 20 square meters far too many hours …

Captain in America’s season consists of 8 chapters, each lasting approximately 50 minutes. And it will be broadcast soon on Atresmedia.

Joaquín Sánchez Rodríguez is one of the most succesfull Spanish soccer players, having become an icon for Real Betis Balompie. After having played for sorne of the best clubs in Spain and Europe [Real Betis Balompié, ACF Fiorentina, Valencia CF y Málaga CF]. and having fulfilled the dream of playing for the Spanish national team, the player hung up his boots permanently last year. He is currently a great television showman.

After more than 20 years fuly dedicated ot professional soccer, once retired, Joaquín Sánchez wants ot make up for al the time he couldn’t spend with his family.




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